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February 3, 2010

About Sensei and Jeff

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Hi, I’m Jeff Wilson, a proud GenXer and the founder of Sensei Integrated, a firm specializing in Social Experience and Online Customer Experience Design as well as online Demand Generation. I have been perfecting my craft over the past 12 years with some fantastic Fortune 500 clients and some great agency partners. The knowledge I have gathered up to now is something a lot of people have, but it’s the perspective I earned during that time and how I apply it that has enabled me to serve my clients well. That perspective is all about looking at the world, not through my eyes or my client’s eyes, but through the eyes of their employees, partners and most importantly, their customers.

This is what I have built Sensei on; being able to understand the end customer’s perspective and how that must manifest itself through the online customer experience, and now even more importantly, the social (media) experience. Our methodology for experience design is built on behavioral profiling, qualitative research, and well grounded insights. Along that path we wash away the complexity and focus not only on customer need, but on our client’s business outcomes, primarily strong long-term profitable relationships with their customers, both new and existing.

Over the past decade, my focus has been almost exclusively spent on helping large enterprise B-to-B companies build their brands and business online. This is now the experience I would share with you.

We teach and learn. We discuss and listen. We cultivate trust. We help build strong relationships and know that everything has to lead back to revenue.

This is The Mountain Top. This is Sensei.

A little background on me…

Like all human beings, I am a living contradiction. I am a simple man and former farmer. I am university educated, but never graduated and drank a lot of beer. I believe that we are never done learning and that everyone has something to teach. I believe that service is the true differentiator of any business, but that customers are not always right. I know some things about some things. I have been mentored fiercely and I have mentored others not so fiercely. I believe in saying what needs to be said not what is expected to be heard. I eat beef and love animals. I have studied historical military strategy and tactics for over 25 years. I like to win. I am a fool around women, but what man isn’t? I am a goof around children, but what Dad isn’t? I invite criticism and never take it personally. I am an environmentalist, but enjoy chopping wood and the comradery a bonfire creates. I could stand to lose a few pounds.

Most importantly, I will always do the right thing and believe integrity is the one defining characteristic that is most admirable in any human being.

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